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Treasure Eternal 

Prof. Beant Singh

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(Continued from P. 85, issue July, 2016)


ikv kir AwKw ikv swlwhI ikau vrnI ikv jwxw] 

nwnk AwKix sBu ko AwKY iek dU ieku isAwxw]

vfw swihbu vfI nweI kIqw jw kw hovY ]

nwnk jy ko AwpO jwxY AgY gieAw n sohY ]21]


ikv kir AwKw ikv swlwhI ika vrnI ikv jwxw] 

nwnk AwKix sBu ko AwKY ek dU eku isAwxw ] 

vfw swihbu vfI nweí kIqw jw kw hovY ]

nwnk jy ko AwpO jwxY AgY geAw n sohY ]21]


Kiv kar akhan kiv salahin, kion varnin kiv jana? 

Nanak akhan sabh ko akhai, ikk dun ikk siyana. 

Wadda sahib waddi nain, kita ja ka hovai –

Nanak je ko apau janai, aggai gaya na sohai.


Word meanings:

kiv kar: how; in what way; akhan: I may describe; salahin: praise the Lord Creator;  kion varnin: How should I describe;  kiv jana: how should I comprehend;  akhan sab ko akhai: all attempt to describe;  ik dun ikk siyana: everyone claims to be wiser than the other to describe the Creator and His creation;  wadda sahib: great is the Master;  waddi nain: great is His Name;  ja ka: whose; kita hovai: by His doing is everything accomplished;  je ko: if some person; apau 

janai: claim to know by himself; agai gaya na

sohai: does not find honour when he arrives at the Divine Portal.




How should I describe and praise the Lord? How should I describe His greatness? O Nanak! every man considers himself wiser than others and tries to describe the Lord’s greatness, but in vain. Lord God is the greatest of all. His greatness and glory too is the most exalted. All that is happening in the world is by His command. O Nanak! if someone tries to know God’s extent on the strength of his intellect, he does not find honour at the Divine Portal, where truth is all-important. This is because in the attempt to know the Lord, and in the pride to describe, he has not learnt the art of getting rid of egoism.


Commentary on the remaining stanza:


In stanzas 16, 17, 18 and 19, Guru Sahib had described the vastness of Lord Creator’s deeds or creation. In them, at the occurrence of the verse – ‘Countless are killers and cruel cut-throats’ [Stanza XVIII], this question cropped up spontaneously: ‘Is there any way by which these sinners can be liberated?’ After answering this question in stanza 20 and 21, Guru Sahib picks up the same thread again. First, he describes the omniscience of the Timeless One and the