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How To Serve the  Lord and Meditate?

(Continued from P. 79, issue July, 2016)


He submitted, “If there is any perfect saint today, it is Ravidas Ji.” Devotion grew in the heart of the queen. She took permission from the king. She took from him money, guards, and palanquin-bearers for the pilgrimage. Travelling from one holy place to another, she reached Kashi. She met renowned Pandits but found all of them hollow. Finally, she reached Saint Ravidas and listened to his discourses. They impacted her deeply and pierced her heart. Such is the Guru’s edict –


While my ego lasts, of Thee have I no awareness.’ P. 339


Üì Ôî Ô¯å¶ åì å¹î éÅÔÆ.............¨


Her pride was effaced and she was a changed person.

‘Kabir, the heroic True Guru shot an arrow at me.

As soon as it struck me, I fell to the ground and a hole was made in my heart.’ P. 1374


ÕìÆð ÃÇå×¹ð ÃÈðî¶ ìÅÇÔÁÅ ìÅé° Ü¹ ¶հ¨ ñÅ×å ÔÆ í¹Ç Ç×Çð êÇðÁÅ êðÅ Õð¶Ü¶ Û¶Õ°¨


At that moment, she said, “Sir, I have come into the refuge of your lotus feet. Be merciful to me. Kindly bestow the boon of the Name into my lap.” Ravidas Ji said, “O queen! you are still suffering from the delusion of caste pride. Until you rise above it, you cannot become indistinguishable from the Lord.” She said, “No sir! I have come to thy portal after leaving all other props. Kindly show mercy unto me.”



At that moment, Ravidas Ji showed mercy and granted her the boon of the Name Divine. She was intoxicated with and dyed in God’s love. She spent several months there. All the money in thousands and lakhs she had brought, she offered to Ravidas Ji saying, “Sir, use this money for various religious purposes.” Ravidas Ji accepted the queen’s offering because he had got the Divine command: “Build a temple and an inn for pilgrims and holy men. Make arrangements for their boarding and lodging. My beloved devotees come and go away hungry and do not get a place to stay.”


The offering made by the queen created a controversy in the city. The Pandits (Brahmins) said, “The queen has offered thousands of rupees to Ravidas, when it was our right.” So, the Brahmins formed a group and set out for Chittorgarh. They met the king and said, “O king! are you a keeper of tradition or a breaker? If you Rajputs break the religious tradition, what will become of the Brahmins?” The king asked, “What is the matter?” They said, “Your queen has adopted a cobbler as her Guru (Holy Preceptor). First, even to come into touch with him is wrong. But now she attends upon him too and serves him food. She washes the unclean utensils of the kind of people who go there. Now tell us – Where is religion left? How will she be made pure, now? Besides, all the money she has offered to him. Whose right was on that offering – ours or his?” Thus they complained against her.